WIFT Canada Coalition Announces Industry-wide Survey on Child & Family Care

The Women in Film and Television Canada Coalition (WIFT Canada Coalition) has partnered with Reel Families for Change Canada, with support from the Canada Media Fund, to launch an industry-wide survey on issues and realities faced by women, and caregivers, in our screen-based industries who are experiencing increased pressure with childcare and family care requirements exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WIFT Canada Coalition came together quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, and offered webinars and town halls to members across the country. It became very apparent early on that the pandemic was disproportionately impacting women working in screen-based industries, and one of the major areas of stress related to increased child-care and family care responsibilities.

"Women and caregivers in our industry are under increasing stress trying to balance personal and family well-being with workplace obligations and working conditions in our film and media industries. Our aim with the survey is to break down the barriers that prevent all caregivers, and women in particular, from full participation in the Canadian film and media industry. The results of this survey will be incorporated into an initial report, due in spring 2021, which will highlight issues related to child and family care for workers in our industry, consider options and inform the direction of more in-depth analysis, advocacy and policy development. We are grateful to the Canada Media Fund for supporting us in this timely and invaluable research," says Susan Brinton, member of the WIFT Canada Coalition and Project Manager.

The film and television production industry does not compare favorably as a family-friendly industry and often requires long working hours and short-term contracts with limited accommodation for pregnant women, parents and family caregivers, or flexibility for culturally-diverse family dynamics. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these demands on women, and partners, and in many two-income families it is the women having to choose to give up their careers to stay home to look after children and other dependents. The impacts on women in the short and long term are considerable.

We urge all caregivers across the industry, regardless of industry sector, to fill out the survey in our efforts to identify and assess the many issues that caregivers in our industry face.

Link to Survey: https://momsinfilm.typeform.com/to/ZN60hrn3

On March 11th at 2 p.m. AST, the WIFT Canada Coalition will host a national webinar to discuss the survey results and provide an overview of the preliminary report.

WIFT Canada Coalition is a group of autonomous WIFT chapters across Canada - WIFT Atlantic, FCTMN Quebec, WIFT Toronto, WIFT Alberta and WIFT Vancouver – and Women in View. The Coalition is grateful for the support of the Canada Media Fund.

Reel Families for Change Canada is a Non profit representing parents and caregivers working in film, television and entertainment industries. RFC Canada is committed to helping caregivers overcome barriers to personal and professional success via advocacy, access, and inclusion initiatives. reelfamiliesforchange.org

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