Mentor Matches for 2020 - 2021

WIFT-AT is thrilled to announce the first Mentor Match cohort. Emails have gone out and mentors and mentees will have their first meeting in the coming weeks. Thank you Telefilm Canada and our mentors for your partnership in this significant initiative.

Ann Bernier - Kassy Tench

Jordan Canning - Megan Wennberg

Nicole Close - Lynn Matheson

Donna Davies - Melissa Munroe

Tracey Deer - Britney Canzi

Deanne Foley - Tracey Lavigne

Terry Greenlaw - Amy Grace

Margaret Harrison - Megan Townshend

Shauna Hatt - Kaitlyn Adair

Tracey Jardine - Susan Rodgers

Robin Johnston - Kathryn Taylor Musseau

Louise Lalonde - Kelly Caseley

Teresa MacInnes - Andrea Vandenboer

Mary Louise McClosky - Lana Lamb-Vallis

Christine McLean - Kelsey Power

Kimberlee McTaggart - Victoria Wells

Gia Milani - Katerina Bakolias

Jan Miller - Sonya Winterberg

Erin Oakes - Sonya Lee

Stephanie Ouaknine - Kyah Sparks

Becky Parsons - Dawn Wells

Peep Media - Samantha Horak

Tamara Podemski - Sis Moqon

Pamela Segger - Kristy Edwards

Mary Sexton - Jane Rogerson

Nicole Steeves - Gee Stewart

Jennifer Stewart - Amy Trefry

Cheryl Wagner - Rebecca Tremblay and Suzan Omar

Karen Walton - Pamela Callow

Sherry White - Andrea Dunne

Aleysa Young - Renee Hackett

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