WIFT Canada Presents: Safer Simulated Sex Scenes on Set

Hear from Intimacy Coordinators on making your set safe!

Who should hire an Intimacy Coordinator and what does their involvement in your production entail? To learn the answers to those questions and more, join us to hear from certified Intimacy Coordinators, Lindsay Somers and Casey Hudecki. Founded by Lindsay Somers, the first-ever certified Intimacy Coordinator for film and television in Canada, Intimacy Coordinators Canada is a collective of Intimacy Coordinators committed to making sets safe. This WIFT Canada webinar is presented in association with Front Row Insurance Brokers.

Intimacy Coordinators assist by helping to build a safe plan for creative expression with nudity and/or simulated sex for film and television. Their job is to facilitate clear communication between the director's vision, and the performers' personal boundaries.

Join us as Lindsay and Casey go over what an Intimacy Coordinator does regarding implementing protocols, and liaising between production, the director, and actors.

Speakers: Lindsay Somers and Casey Hudecki

When: Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 2 p.m. ADT

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About Lindsay Somers

Lindsay is the founder of Intimacy Coordinators Canada, and Canada's first-ever Intimacy Coordinator certified through the professional association - Intimacy Directors & Coordinators. Lindsay is currently a mentor to those involved in the Apprenticeship program, training future intimacy coordinators.​ Lindsay is at the forefront of the movement of Intimacy Coordinators on our film sets in Canada, being Canada’s first to work with HBO and Amazon studios. Helping to improve the safety of performers while filming scenes involving intimacy, nudity and/or simulated sex, Lindsay wrote the Closed Set protocols that are being used on film sets across the country.​ With more than 15 years of on set experience choreographing performers as the lead Medical consultant and owner of Ready Set Medic, Lindsay has been performing on-camera for 25 years, and is currently an active ACTRA member with numerous on-screen Actor credits.

About Casey Hudecki

Casey has decades of experience on both sides of the camera as an Actor, Stunt Performer, Stunt Coordinator and Intimacy Coordinator. Casey is proud to be a Certified Intimacy Coordinator through IDI and with IDC Professionals, having been mentored by HBO's Alicia Rodis. Outside of film and television, Casey is a Fight Master with Fight Directors Canada, and has Fight Directed at theatres including Canadian Stage, Soulpepper and the Stratford Theatre Festival. Casey is a movement instructor and choreographer, and is passionate about teaching with compassion and specificity. She is proud to be at the forefront of the movement strengthening the industry's standards for scenes of nudity, simulated sex and sexual violence.

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