Nomination Announcement: WIFT-AT Talent to Watch Recommendation Phase

Women in Film and Television – Atlantic (WIFT-AT) is thrilled to announce our nominations for the Telefilm Talent to Watch Program. Based on a call for applications which were evaluated via a peer-jury process, WIFT-AT selected one feature documentary and one web series to put forward in the national competition for funding.

WIFT-AT has nominated the documentary music feature UnT.itled by writer/director Shelley Thompson and producer Sylvia Bell. In the web series category, WIFT-AT has nominated CareCroft submitted by writer/director Koumbie and writer/producer Amy Trefry.

The Telefilm Talent to Watch Program (formerly known as the Micro-Budget Production Program) is an initiative to help emerging Canadian filmmakers by providing financing for the development, production, and digital distribution and promotion of a feature-length film or web series. The selected projects will be sent to Telefilm’s national competition for a chance to be selected for funding. Results of the national competition will be announced in June 2018.


The feature length documentary UnT.itled follows the journey of a young artist re-emerging in the music industry after gender transition.

T. released a first attention-grabbing album at age fourteen. This documentary will begin to chronicle T. at age twenty-three as he navigates the industry with a new identity, which requires applications in his new name; a new sound; and building a marketing/management team. As the film unfolds, we’ll be privy to unexpected challenges. Some as mundane as juggling jobs to pay the rent but others, more disquieting: waiting months, even years for a passport accurately reflecting his new gender, so a musician's lifeblood - touring - is possible.

“This project is different from many recent trans-based projects, focusing as it does on physiological vocal changes, the impact on an industry that is not known for its gender sensitivity or inclusivity, and the challenge of re-inventing oneself at a young age within a judgmental and image-conscious industry,” Shelley Thompson.


​Carecroft is a ten-part web series about the female patients of a family clinic and their struggle to be taken seriously by the medical system and find appropriate solutions, while also navigating the everyday challenges that their health concerns bring. Equal parts funny and heartbreaking, Carecroft follows these four women through the often frustrating and discriminatory world of women’s health and what happens when they leave the clinic.

“In the last year, I have become increasingly involved in a community of industry professionals who are advocating and participating in the creation of more female focused roles both in front of, and behind camera. As a result, I am continually inspired to push my own boundaries as a performer and filmmaker,” Amy Trefry.

About WIFT-AT:

WIFT-AT is a non-profit professional association that advances the careers of women working in film, television, and screen-based media in Atlantic Canada.

We are committed to creating opportunities for women to grow, discover alliances, challenge stereotypes, learn from the best and be inspired by those who are standing out with unique and wonderful voices.

It is our mission to leverage the skills, talents, and potential of our members to ensure access to high-quality production and distribution resources; to exert influence at all levels of the industry; and to celebrate and extend the impact of the collaborative nature of screen-based production in the Atlantic region.

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