Rolling Production Rentals supports female filmmakers with offer of free equipment rentals to WIFT-A

Canadian actor Jonathan Torrens wants to give East Coast female filmmakers a boost by providing free equipment rentals to Director and Producer members of Women in Film & Television – Atlantic (WIFT-AT). The donation intends to help productions under $1 million by providing free access to trailers and support vehicles from Torrens’ company, Rolling Productions Rentals.

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with WIFT-AT on this exciting incentive,” says Torrens, President of Rolling Production Rentals. “Having quality on-set accommodations will hopefully allow emerging women directors and producers from all four Atlantic provinces to attract bigger names for their films, which will in turn help their projects travel further.”

“This gesture from Rolling Production Rentals and Jonathan is incredibly generous,” says Kimberlee McTaggart, WIFT-AT Chair. “The rental of trucks and other vehicles can be very expensive and a financial barrier for a filmmaker. He will be opening up a world of opportunity for our members and hopefully help increase the number of productions in the East Coast spearheaded by women.”

Kristin Arason, RPR‘s Fleet Manager, will work with Directors and Producers to coordinate their needs and availability of the gear. The guidelines include:

  • Director or Producer of eligible projects must be a full WIFT-AT member and either Director or Producer must reside in Atlantic Canada.

  • Offer stands for projects with a budget of $100,000 to $1 million.

  • The filmmaker must be able to provide valid production, vehicle and liability insurance.

Contact Rolling Productions for full details!

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