1K WAVE ATLANTIC Films have their world premieres at the 36th Atlantic Film Festival

1K WAVE ATLANTIC Films have their world premieres at the 36th Atlantic Film Festival

Women in Film and Television Atlantic (WIFT-AT) and pUNK Films Inc. are thrilled to announce the culmination of their 1K WAVE ATLANTIC feature film program as the world premieres for these features will be part of this year’s Atlantic Film Festival line-up, September 15-22.

In March 2016, five women filmmakers were selected to participate in the 1K WAVE ATLANTIC -- writing, directing and completing a feature length production in the span of five months on a budget of $1,000 each. “On an extremely tight schedule, and even tighter budget, these women took on an ambitious challenge, and we could not be more proud of the results! While these filmmakers come from diverse backgrounds and have varying degrees of film experience, they all created accomplished and entertaining films.” says Kimberlee McTaggart, 1K Wave Executive Producer and Editor Mentor.

Creating more opportunities for women to write and direct is a top priority for WIFT-AT. Initiatives like Directed by Women, New Waves, the All Access Pass Award, Women Making Waves and now the 1K Wave Atlantic, have delivered training, mentorship and inspiration to female filmmakers this past year. "More women directing films means stories told with a different twist. Considering that the audience is always hungry for something new, I hope to see lots more women at the helm of the bigger budget projects in future.” - Harmony Wagner, Singing to Myself.

The 1K Wave Atlantic program will include:

Head Space, Nicole Steeves

Head Space is a hilarious and heartwarming film about Floyd (Struan Sutherland), an agoraphobic with no intention of ever leaving his basement. His past as a taller-than-average comedian and TV pitch-man has left him broken and unable to face his demons. That is until he finds himself both summoned for jury duty and under the constant harassment of the pizza delivery guy (Stoo Metz). With no other option, Floyd must confront his past, make friends with his enemies, and battle the great big scary unknown that is the outside world. (description from the AFF 2016 Program Guide)

Monday September 19, 3:30pm – Park Lane, Theatre 3

Singing to Myself, Harmony Wagner

Debt. Underemployment. Awkward relationships. Dissatisfied with her options in the world of striving, a young deaf woman, Iris (Sophie MacLean), decides to give up on yearning to connect. Instead she floats along, working at a greenhouse, embracing her silent solitude and learning to be happy with less. Everything is going just fine until she meets a precocious musician named Celeste (Bryde MacLean). Beautifully shot on Prince Edward lsland, Singing to Myself is an intimate gaze into the complexity and ease of female friendship. (description from the AFF 2016 Program Guide)

Tuesday September 20, 3:30pm – Park Lane, Theatre 1

self portrait in may, Catherine Bussiere

Inspired by a quote and the recent visit of her children, filmmaker Catherine Bussiere ponders over various themes relating to life and what it means to take care of it. Both a self portrait and portrait of a community, ideas of home, upbringing, happiness, and relationship are explored against the backdrop of spring’s awakening. Thoughtful and meditative, self portrait in may offers the viewer a sense of self through the sharing of the universality of experience. (description from the AFF 2016 Program Guide)

Wednesday September 21, 3:30pm – Park Lane, Theatre 1

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Ariyah and Tristan’s Inevitable Break-up, Koumbie

Ariyah and Tristan’s Inevitable Break-up is a modern day love story(ish) with all the twists and turbulence expected of any 20 somethings coupling. Ariyah (Koumbie) is an ambitious young animator. Tristan (Taylor Olson) is a carefree club photographer. Not exactly a match made in heaven but they give it a chance. Ariyah and Tristan’s Inevitable Break-up follows their relationship and the couple’s pivotal moments, all in Ariyah’s apartment. The drama and the comedy are captured including all the firsts – first fights, first “I love you’s”, an unplanned pregnancy and everything in between. (description from the AFF 2016 Program Guide)

Thursday September 22, 3:30pm – Park Lane, Theatre 3

WIFT-AT will also celebrate 29 members with films at the AFF rounding out the Atlantic program with an exceptional line-up of women in front of and behind the camera. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: www.atlanticfilm.com/box-office

Women in Film and Television – Atlantic is a non-profit professional association with more than 150 members throughout the Atlantic provinces. The 1K WAVE ATLANTIC is a program created by WIFT-AT and Ingrid Veninger of pUNK Films and was made possible by generous contributions from Telefilm Canada, The Harold Greenberg Fund, Warren P. Sonoda, The Hideout Studios, Halifax Motion Picture Sound & Music, 902 Post Inc., The PostMan Post-Production Studio, National Film Board of Canada and RBC Royal Bank of Canada.

For more information on the 1K WAVE ATLANTIC, WIFT-Atlantic or to arrange an interview with the filmmakers, please contact:

Jan Miller Founding Chair, Women in Film & Television Atlantic (WIFT-AT) Tel: 902-823-1409 | Email: jan@janmillerconnect.ca | www.wift-at.com

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