1KWAVEATLANTIC Filmmakers Selected!



5 New Features in 5 Months for $5000

Written and Directed by Women

In Atlantic Canada


1KWAVEATLANTIC is a call for brave and bold features from Atlantic Canadian women. The initiative will allow 5 female filmmakers the opportunity to make a feature film under the guidance of industry mentors. WIFT-AT and punk FILMS are now pleased and excited to announce the 5 chosen filmmakers who will write, direct and edit their features in the next 5 months!

“We received strong submissions from women all across Atlantic Canada, making the choice a difficult one. But the jury, made up of Ingrid Veninger, Kimberlee McTaggart, and Martine Blue, narrowed it down to 5 filmmakers that represent a great cross section of film experience, themes, and genres. We are pleased to be joined in this adventure by our sponsors – Warren P.Sonoda, Telefilm Canada, The Harold Greenberg Fund, The NFB, and Brian Power & The Hideout Studios” Kimberlee McTaggart, WIFT-AT


The First Five Minutes is a documentary that will follow several amateur comics as they struggle to write their first five minutes of jokes, while facing many obstacles that prevent them from stepping up to the mic.

“I think a lot of people feel barriers when it comes to making art and the chance to be paired with a mentor really helps eliminate a lot of the fear. I can't wait!”


Taking Care of Life is an experimental documentary film that questions what “taking care of life” means and how to achieve it.

“I am excited and terrified! I feel this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m looking forward to it! I trust that the support of the many mentors will help me go through this fast pace journey. “


Ariyah and Tristan's Inevitable BreakUp is a drama that follows a couple as they struggle through the ups and downs of a modern romance and an unplanned pregnancy.

“As daunting as making a feature in five months is, it feels just crazy enough to work. Having the support of the community, WIFT, pUNK FILMS and all of the mentors is the ideal way to make my first feature


Head Space is a comedy/drama about Floyd, an agoraphobic with no intention of ever leaving his basement. When summoned for jury duty, He must confront his past, his present and the great big scary unknown that is the outside world.

“It is going to be a huge challenge but I can't wait to see what we come up with! I would like to apologize in advance to my friends and family, as I imagine I won't be seeing much of them in the next 5 months.”


Singing to Yourself is a drama that answers the question - when a young deaf woman decides to forsake the world, what can pull her from her island of silence?

"I think people get scared to hire women directors when big bucks are on the line. If five women can crank out five features in five months with five thousand dollars, then we've done our part to say it's time to put those fears aside.”


MARCH 20th - Submission Deadline.

MARCH 30th – Decision Calls and Filmmaker Agreements Signed.

APRIL – Project Writing and Pre-Production.

Production Mentors: Ingrid Veninger, Kimberlee McTaggart, with more to be announced.

MAY - Production. 4 week window to shoot.

JUNE - Picture edit and Preliminary Sound.

JUNE 30th - Submit Picture Locked Films to Fall Festivals.

JULY - Color Grade and 1 Day Sound Mix at Hideout Studios.

AUGUST - Prep Promotional Materials.

Marketing Mentor: Jan Miller.

SEPTEMBER - Screen & Celebrate the 1KWAVE ATLANTIC feature films.


For interviews, please contact Katie Godfrey of WIFT-AT: katie.wift@gmail.com

“I can’t wait to see the five new features made by women in Atlantic Canada – They are going to be fierce!" Ingrid Veninger, pUNK FILMS

For a PDF of this document, click here.

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