The NFB presents... A Legal Issues Workshop Re: Documentary and Animation!

The National Film Board’s Head of Business Affairs is offering a workshop on the morning of March 7th. It is a basic training course on legal issues regarding documentaries and animation, targeted towards producers, executive producers, administrators, production coordinators and filmmakers/creators. This training is a refresher of known concepts and a useful production tool. NFB legal counsels use both theoretical and practical approaches dealing with basic copyright principles, trade-mark issues, privacy issues, shooting location issues and defamation. The presentation session is accompanied by the viewing of NFB film excerpts in Campus to illustrate the legal issues. The practical aspect of this training is in the form of an open discussion with the persons attending the training in order to answer the questions they may have regarding current projects.

Monday, March 7th, 9:30 – 12:30 am at NFB Halifax

Lead by Dominique Aubry, NFB’s Director of Business Affairs

Participation limited

RSVP by March 4th

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