Kick-start your morning at the “Get up and Go” breakfast December 3 in Charlottetown; where we celebrate leadership and unite the energies of influential women.

This month will feature a leader in the Canadian arts world, Cheryl Wagner. Cheryl, the creator of The Big Comfy Couch, is a Gemini Award and Emmy award-winning Canadian children’s television writer, showrunner and producer who began her career as a performer in both theatre and on the screen. Purchase tickets here.

Self-described as the ‘shyest girl in the world,” she started her first business, Merrytime Clown and Puppet Company in 1977. It proved fertile ground for her later work as a producer and writer in children’s entertainment.

Jumping from her clown and puppet company, she spent five years as a puppeteer on Fraggle Rock and was (literally), Jim Henson’s right hand when he worked on the show. Cheryl has a long track record in children’s entertainment, through her work on award-winning television series, including The Big Comfy Couch, Poko, Bo on the Go!, Panda Bear Daycare, Fraggle Rock and Mr. Dressup. Most recently, Cheryl’s latest company, Periscope Pictures, has produced 15 five-minute webisodes of Bunny Bop!

Cheryl returned to PEI in 2006 and has become a valued member of the local filmmaking community. She was the curator of the Island Media Arts Festival in 2013 and 2014 and is the Executive Director for the Charlottetown Film Festival. She is well known as a generous mentor to up and coming filmmakers and artists.

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