Dear Members and Friends of WIFT-AT,

As some of you may have heard, the Nova Scotia Film Industry Tax Credit is in jeopardy.

Recently Finance Minister Diana Whalen made remarks that indicated that the funding for the NS tax tax credit is on the chopping block. Although Women in Film and Television - Atlantic represents all four Atlantic Provinces, everyone working in the screen industry understands the important contribution tax credits make to the health of each regional industry. They attract foreign productions and contribute significantly to the strength of the local industry, as well as to the broader creative economy.

The loss of Nova Scotia's tax credit would be devastating to the industry. Considering the demise of the industries in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island - both without the support of tax incentives - the damage this will cause to Nova Scotia's film industry is obvious. It could not only result in the loss of over one hundred companies and 2,100 jobs, but also extends beyond those who work directly in film to all other industries that benefit from its activity: hotels, restaurants, tourism, car rentals, gas stations, from catering and equipment companies, to the music that underscores what we see on the screen, the theatre where actors work in both worlds, and the institutions that are training young film professionals.

Today we are writing to encourage you as members of an Atlantic organization to support one another. We are an organization that champions the stories and voices of women in this industry, and right now that entire industry is affected. The livelihood of our sisters and brothers in Nova Scotia is under threat, and we are asking everyone to collectively take a stand, and let the Nova Scotian government know the significant harm that would come to the industry and the province as a whole if tax incentives were dropped or reduced significantly.

Below is a series of options put forward by Screen Nova Scotia. They include phone numbers, and templates for letters to members of government. We urge you to take a moment out of your day and let your voice be heard right now - before the Easter break.

With deep respect and care,

Women in Film and Television - Atlantic

From Screen Nova Scotia's Call to Action:

Here are the NEXT STEPS that you can do to support our message: Click HERE to find contact information for your MLA. It's essential that all members of the film industry to CALL, WRITE LETTERS & REQUEST MEETINGS immediately. You can find a sample letter from a local producer HERE and a general letter template HERE. Of course, everyone should feel free to write their own version! You can CALL the Finance Minister's Executive Assistant (Ted Aubut) at 902.424.5372. Click HERE to find Screen Nova Scotia's news release Nova Scotia Film Industry on High Alert. Click HERE to find Screen Nova Scotia's Position Paper, which outlines the achievements and benefits of a robust film, television, and digital media industry that has grown significantly within Nova Scotia over the past twenty years.

We'll be using social media to help spread awareness both in the industry and beyond, so join us on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER. Then share, share, share! We'll be using the following hashtags for social media:

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