Join AFCOOP & WIFT-AT for a presentation of the award-winning short film Doll Parts and video Q&A with Director Karen Lam next Thursday, November 20th at 7pm. This evening, hosted by Genre Film afficionado Lauren Oosteveen, will also feature a conversation with award-winning Writer/Director Donna Davies on the positive state of women creating projects in this genre! We’re also calling on our members to submit their most original Genre Film concept for a chance to win a mentorship program from WIFT-Vancouver, Super Channel, Telefilm Canada and Creative BC! WIFT-V’s contest FROM OUR DARK SIDE is seeking the best in Canadian women-driven Genre Film ideas! The goal of the contest is to increase the participation of women in visionary leadership roles both on and off screen and to make some kick-ass films. Winning projects will receive: - a $500 cash prize - project feedback and evaluation by an experienced genre film mentor - consultation with a genre film writer/story editor - consultation with a genre visual effects producer - consultation with a digital marketing strategy expert - consultation with a genre marketing artist to help with preliminary ideas for a film poster and marketing materials Winners will also be provided with a subsidy for travel costs to attend the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival in March 2015 where they will meet with potential funders and creative partners. *What’s genre film?* Also known as Fantastic Film, Genre Film, as we define it, includes thrillers, science fiction, fantasy and horror – or any imaginative combination of these. The more imaginative, the better! Blood is optional. Characters include but are not limited to: Fairies, Mutants, Killers, Aliens, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Cannibals, Psychopaths, Ghosts, Demons, Ghostly Demons, Body Snatchers. Plot elements may include but are not limited to: time travel, space travel, brain enhancing drugs, dystopian worlds, invading plants, prophecies, exorcisms, murders, carnivals and human sacrifice. For details on how to register and submit your application click here:

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