WIFT-AT Mentor Match

Supported by Telefilm Canada

  • Develop your craft through one-on-one learning with industry professionals

  • Help establish your career and personal development goals

  • Learn about specific roles in the screen industry

  • Expand your network

  • Build your confidence

WIFT-AT is a non-profit professional association that networks our members and advances the careers of those who identify as female working in screen-based media based in Atlantic Canada. Our mission is to grow, enable and leverage the skills, talents and potential of our members to ensure access to high-quality production and distribution resources; to exert influence at all levels of the industry; and to celebrate and extend the impact of the collaborative nature of screen-based production in the Atlantic region. 


WIFT-AT encourages diversity and inclusion in all of our programming.  



Recognizing that mentorship is one of the most sure-fire and supportive opportunities to move ahead in one’s career, WIFT-AT is thrilled to introduce the WIFT-AT Mentor Match Program. This initiative will provide members at different levels of experience, the formalized opportunity to learn from, guide, and support each other through a series of focussed one-on-one sessions over a six-month period.


WIFT-AT Mentor Match may include any of the following:


  • Feedback on a specific project at both the development and final cut stage

  • A pathway to develop writing, directing and crew skills

  • Identification of which skills are transferable to other roles in the industry

  • Guidance on where to source training and potential funding support

  • Direction on putting together a production team

  • Guidance on when and how to pitch broadcasters directly

  • Insights on the value of attending international festivals

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