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Atlantic Film Membership Bundle

Are you a part of the film industry and like saving money? Well do I have news for you!


The Atlantic Film Organizations Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP), Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT), The Documentary Organization of Canada’s Atlantic Chapter (DOC Atlantic), Screen Nova Scotia, and Women in Film and Television Atlantic (WIFT-AT) have come together to create the Atlantic Film Membership Bundle. This bundle has been created to benefit those in the industry looking to have multiple memberships to the different beneficial organizations. 

The more memberships you sign up for, the greater the discount you’ll receive!

Read below for more information

So what is the Atlantic Film Membership Bundle? The bundle is an incentive for those in the film industry to join various organizations while saving money. All of these organizations understand that the costs of becoming a member can add up quickly, especially wanting to be a part of multiple organizations. Below is the breakdown of the bundle.


Two memberships (for two different organizations) = 15% off membership dues.
Three memberships (for three different organizations) = 20% off membership dues.
Four or more memberships (for four plus different organizations) = 25% off membership dues.


Ex. if you were to sign up for a WIFT-AT full-membership ($45), and a Documentary Organization of Canada ($169.50), you would receive 15% off your membership sign-ups, resulting in a $30 discount! 


To claim the discounts please click the button above to open the short Google form document and fill in your information, selecting the memberships you wish to sign up for, and you will be sent an email containing the discount codes! 


PLEASE NOTE: each organization has different levels of membership and criteria for eligibility. Please visit each website in order to see which membership you would qualify for and to read all pertinent information. The links to each organization’s membership pages and information are below.


It is important to note some organizations are applying the bundle discount for new members only, while others are accepting the discount to be applied to existing members who are renewing their membership. The varying memberships available for each organization are listed at the bottom of the Google form.



Documentary Organization of Canada Atlantic Chapter (DOC Atlantic) -
Screen NS -