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The Advanced Management and Mentoring Program (AMMP) was created and introduced  by the Centre for Women in Business (CWB) at Mt. St. Vincent University. In 2014/15 WIFT-AT founding chairperson, Jan Miller worked with Laurie Sinclair, the AMMP Programme Facilitator, to successfully adapt the programme to the unique needs of screen industry professionals. 2018/19 will be the fourth year for the delivery of CWB/WIFT-AT AMMP program.


AMMP equips women business owners in the screen-arts industry with the tools and knowledge necessary to grow their business. Over the course of 10 months, AMMP provides 10 one-day sessions that are packed with presentations by experts and peer-to-peer mentoring. Throughout the weeks, these women cover the topics of Branding, Website Design, Social Media, Sales and Distribution, Packaging a Product, and a Company Case Study. The program is designed to enhance business skills and enable participants to become stronger entrepreneurs. AMMP provides great opportunity and produces great results:


“I found this program extremely valuable in helping me with the business aspects of what I do, especially in the area of branding and marketing.” says Kim McTaggart, WIFT-AT Chair. “And while the educational component was tremendous, I value the networking component just as much.  I met and got to know some strong, amazing women in this program and gained so much from them as well. Our Saturday meeting became one of the highlights of my month.”

WIFT-AMMP participant Dianne Whelan, a filmmaker and photographer, reported a 50 per cent jump in revenue as a result of AMMP.  She said it was instrumental in helping her to develop a targeted business plan for her current production, “500 Days in the Wild”, an adventure film chronicling her journey across Canada via the Trans Canada Trail.


Producer Karen Wentzell, owner of Waterstar Entertainment Inc., said she has developed a number of skills that will have a significant impact on the day-to-day operation of her company.


“I wasn’t sure how the business skills training would apply to non-traditional business,” said Wentzell. “I quickly realized that sound business tactics are applicable regardless of what business you’re in.”


What You Need to Know

Funding to attend AMMP is available for qualified participants through the Province of NS’s Workplace Productivity Innovation Program. Our CWB partner, Laurie Sinclair, will help all applicants through the funding process.


Criteria for participation and funding includes:


  • You must have been in business for a minimum of 1 year and be organized as a single partnership, sole proprietor, incorporation or other business arrangement

  • You must be able to show a minimum of $25,000/yr having been paid out in salaries, wages, or draws to the owner(s) of the company  

  • You must be a full member in WIFT-AT ($45.00) and in the CWB ($125.00).


Here is what industry people are saying about this program:


"The AAMP program was extremely beneficial for me and my business which is currently in its fourth year. As an entrepreneur, you often don’t have an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded, creative women in an environment that encourages growth, professionalism and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend this program to entrepreneurs who are just starting out or established business women.” Kirsten Tomilson, President of Fourth Monkey Media


"The business lessons, combined with the sense of being connected now to a strong community of women in the film industry in Nova Scotia has me inspired and made me want to work with all of them. I am also deeply moved and inspired by the vision, empathy, kindness and sincerity of our facilitator Laurie Sinclair who is a beautiful example of women leading change in a collaborative instead of competitive world. I believe seeds have been planted that will grow for many years." Dianne, Rebel Sister Productions


"One of the key things the AMMP program has taught me is that as a woman entrepreneur, I’m not alone. I have found it invaluable to hear how other women cope juggling the demands of running their business, family life and their creative spirits. The guest workshops were informative and the sessions encouraged me to look at my business from an international perspective to see if my own business was ready for growth." Renee, Founder of StoryFinds


"I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to get to know all the fantastically talented women in this group.  This is such a transformative process, and I'm once again reminded how powerful women are when we put our heads and hearts together. It will be great to continue this work and see how much further we can go." Emma Fugate, E Accounting Services


Are You Interested?

Does this program sound like it might be the logical step for you to advance your career in the screen industry?  If so, please contact info@wift-at.com for full details.  The next AMMP session is scheduled to begin in September 2020 (provided there are enough committed participants to proceed).

Don’t delay, contact WIFT-AT today!